The Shire of Korsvag
is proud to present
Northshield's Crown Tourney
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Korsvag cordially invites you to attend
Northshield's Seventh Crown Tourney
on Saturday, May 12, 2007

Please join us for a day of Fighting and Feasting! In additional to fabulous Crown Tournament matches, Northshield's seventh Crown Tournament will also feature::
  • An Arts and Science display
  • Sheep Ball
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • A Silent Auction in benefit of the Heirs' Travel Fund
  • Pick-up Fights
  • A Three-course Feast
  • Not just one, but two sessions of court
  • Regional Fighter's Practice (the next day)
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing
  • Did we mention Sheep Ball?

    Event Details
    Veterans Memorial Arena
    1201 7th Ave E
    West Fargo, ND 58078
    Click here for a Google Map to the site.
    Site Info
    Site opens at 8 am for Northshield's esteemed Combatants, Consorts and Merchants.
    Site opens at 9am for Northshield's beloved populace.
    Site closes at 9pm for all.
    Site Fees
    Adults (13 yrs+): $10.00 prepaid or $12.00 at the door. The $3.00 Non-member Surcharge is in effect for this event.
    Children (6 to 12 yrs): $ 5.00
    Children under 6 yrs: $ gratis
    Note:$ 1.00 from each site fee will be donated to the Kingdom Endowment Fund.
    Site is handicap accessible.
    Site is both dry and non-smoking.
    Registration Information
    Pre-Registrations are being taken until April 27th.
    Korsvag can only accept checks at this time. Please do not send cash or credit card info.
    Please register for your site fees and feast at the same time.
    Make your Cheque or Money Order out to: Shire of Korsvag
    The registration form can be downloaded here:
       Crown Tourney Registration - PDF Format
       Crown Tourney Registration - DOC Format
    Please send registration forms and fees to:
    Troll Coordinator
    Lady Devon Ffrench (Tiffany Heth)
    2801 23rd Avenue SW
    Apartment 123
    Fargo, ND, 58103
    You may also contact our troll coordinator for the event by phone at 701-364-0583 or via email at
    Merchant Info
    Please contact the Merchant Coordinator for a merchant packet, more information or to make merchanting reservations.
    The merchanting kit paperwork is available as a zip archive here:
       Merchanting Packet
    You may also download the relevent paperwork individually here:
       Merchant Pre-Registration Form
       ND State Application For Income Tax Withholding
       ND State Application for Sales & Use Tax Permit
    Event Schedule
    08:00 am - Armor Inspections
             - Combatant & Consort Check In
             - Merchant Check In
    09:00 am - Site Opens for Populace
             - Set Up For A&S Display
             - Set Up For Silent Auction
    10:00 am - Morning Court
    11:00 am - Combatant Warm-Ups
    12:00 pm - Tournament Begins
             - (Sheep Ball and Pick Ups After the Tournament Ends)
    04:00 pm - Afternoon Court
    05:00 pm - End of Silent Auction
             - Pick Up A&S Submissions
             - Merchants Close
    06:00 pm - Feast
    07:30 pm - Dancing
    09:00 pm - Site Closes
    Feast Details
    Feast Menu
    Watch this space for an updated feast menu with recipes and dietary information.
    Click here for the current menu.
    Feast Fee
    The fee for the feast is $15.00 (only 60 spots are available).
    Lapsitters will eat for free.
    Feast Reservations
    Deadline for Feast Pre-Registration is April 27th, 2007.
    Please contact the Feastocrat for more information or to discuss any dietary concerns you may have.
    Feast reservations should be directed to the Troll Coordinator, as described under Registrations.
    Feast Notes
    Please bring feast gear or disposable dinnerware.
    Feast dishes are not able to be washed at the site. Bring bags or other containers for soiled dishes.
    Please do not wash dishes in the bathroom sinks at the event.
    Feast Alternatives
    The Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau maintains an excellent listing of local restaurants. You can view it by clicking here.
    Note: Neither the Shire, its officers nor members endorse any of the restaurants listed in the linked web site. This information is merely listed as a courtesy to travelers from afar.
    Arts and Sciences
    Arts and Science Display
    Show off your stuff! We will be hosting an open Arts and Sciences Display.
    Documentation is not required. Entrants will be asked to fill out a short information sheet about each entry.
    If you are interested in being in the display please contact A&S Coordinator.
    Scroll Blanks
    We are also collecting scroll blanks to be donated to the Kingdom largesse. Please contact the Royalty A&S Coordinator if you are willing to contribute.
    A scribal room will be available for those 'finishing things up'.
    Silent Auction
    We will be hosting a silent auction to benefit the Heirs Travel Fund. Donations are welcome.
    Please contact the Event Steward if interested.
    We will be hosting a ball after feast and all are welcome.
    Please contact Lady Zanni, our Mistress of Dance, for more information, or if you would like to assist.
    We are seeking volunteers as Northshield's Crown tournament will be a busy day in Korsvag shire.
    If you are interested in ...
    • Guarding the royalty room
    • Assisting with the A&S Display
    • Assisting the silent auction
    • Site/town crier heralding.
    • Working troll
    • Waterbearing
    • Serving at feast
    • Feast clean up
    • Assisting the marshalate
    ... please contact Event Steward. You'll be glad you did.
    Crash Space
    Some crash space may be available. Contact Toramasa, the Event Steward nee Crash Coordinator, before 4/27/07 to arrange for crash space and we'll do our best to find space. Or if you have friends here in Korsvag you'd like to crash with, contact them directly.
    Hotel Block
    A block of rooms has been reserved at the Best Western Kelly Inn (letter)/(brochure).
    Best Western Kelley Inn
    3800 Main Avenue, Fargo, North Dakota 58103 GoogleMap
    You can contact them at (701)282-2143 or (800)635-3559ext Fargo-Main
    The SCA rate will be $79.00 per night.
    Other Hotels Near Site
    Days Inn - 525 Main Ave E, West Fargo, ND - (701)281-0000
    Sunset Motel - 731 Main Ave W, West Fargo, ND - (701)282-3266
    Super 8 Motel - 825 Main Ave E, West Fargo, ND - (701)282-7121
    Note: Neither the Shire, its officers nor members endorse any of the hotels listed above. They are merely listed as a courtesy to travelers from afar.
    Regional Fighter's Practice
    Korsvag will be hosting a regional Fighter’s practice on Sunday, May 13th
    • Location: Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center, 202 First Avenue North, Moorhead MN 56560
    • Times: around 10am to until everyone quits or only Rosin is left standing
    • Practice Participants should bring whatever food they may require, as none will be available.
    Event Staff
    Event Steward And Crash Coordinator
    Kita Jiru Toramasa (John Lyon)
    2919 4th Street South, Moorhead, MN 56560
    Royalty Liason
    Elena of Korsvag (Denise Ferguson)
    Co-royalty Liason
    Lady Blund-Frida bekkjarbót (Amanda Kubik)
    Duchess Fina ingen A’eda (Lorine Horvath)
    1447 12th st N, Fargo, ND 58102
    Arts And Science Coordinator
    THL Ravenna ingen A'eda (Robyn Quandt)
    1346 Broadway #102, Fargo, ND 58102
    Troll Coordinator
    Devon Ffrench (Tiffany Heth)
    2801 23rd Ave SW #123, Fargo, ND 58103
    Merchant Coordinator And Mistress Of The Dance
    Lady Lusanna Cerchi (known as Zanni)
    1810 35th St SW, Unit A, Fargo, ND 58103
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