April, 2010 Feast of Fools

November, 2009  Rhythm and Bruise 2

September, 2009 Fall Coronation

June, 2009 Silks, Needles & More

November, 2008 Rhythm and Bruise

September, 2008 Northshield Rapier Academy

May, 2007 Northshield Spring Crown

April, 2006 Feast of Fools

April, 2005 Tournament of Chivalry


Battle Royale — Fargo Forum —July 16, 2006

Return To The Middle Ages — Midweek —July 30, 2004


A video by Baron Berwyn of some of the archery, spectators, and other stuff at Castel Rouge's 2006 Gimli event.

A video by Baron Berwyn of Warriors and Warlords in 2006. Excellent!